SGS: No Record Of eCat Safety Certificate

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SGS: No Record Of eCat Safety Certificate

SGS search turns up nothing for searches on eCat company names. – has just published information consisting of email communications between the site’s author and SGS staff where the testing company could not find any eCat safety certification.


During last week’s eCat conference in Zurich Andrea Rossi claimed that they now had safety certification for one of the eCat models – and that certification was issued by global testing and certification company SGS.

SGS website client directory search turns up nothing for searches on eCat company names.

Anti Rossi website has published screenshots of their apparent email communications with SGS where staff searched in vain for the apparently issued safety cert.


They stated…


“We contacted SGS to verify Mr. Rossi’s claim that SGS had already “safety” verified the “classic” 1MW e-cat.  Mr. Rossi likes to use various company names, instead of just one company for all transactions, for instance, Mr. Rossi put the patent rights into Leonardo Corporation in Florida, but signs contracts using a totally different corporation, Leonardo Corporation in New Hampshire, that corporation is not connected in any way to the Florida corporation.  So when we contacted SGS we had them check for certifications for EFA Srl and  EFA Ltd. in Italy and also for Leonardo Corporation in the USA.  According to SGS Corporate Security none of these companies have any certification for any product from SGS.”


Anyone can perform searches for those holding SGS certification on the public SGS Client Directories page either by searching for company name or by certificate ID.


No-one should jump to conclusions right away – it is entirely possible that the SGS safety certificate has been lodged under a different company name or identity, but without the Obama Birth Certificate SGS Certificate ID no-one can sure at this stage. Rossi has yet to comment on this latest “clownsnakery”.


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6 responses to SGS: No Record Of eCat Safety Certificate

  1. RGCheek September 13th, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    The title is misleading, to say the least. No one under Rossis companies being contracted to get certification is NOT the same thing as there being no e-cat certification, which you admit in the above text.

    So why title this “SGS: No Record Of eCat Safety Certificate”?

    One does not follow from the other.


  2. Bruno September 13th, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Rossi, just show us a copy of the certificate (if it really exists) and put the matter to rest.


  3. RGCheek September 13th, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    Bruno, he says he doesnt have the cert yet, and that the process is still ongoing.


  4. George November 1st, 2012 at 2:06 am

    Why should he show the psychopaths the certificate? He doesn’t need to prove it to anyone other than those who need to see it and especially not to some low life website that it out to interfere in free energy technologies. Come on free energy truth! Do some basic god damn research! Who the hell is that asshole Gary Wright who runs the anti-rossi website? Who does he work for? Who pays him? The website looks like a piece of shit made by a 10 year old. He’s just some douche. Who cares what he says.


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